The scenedetect Module


The scenedetect module is organized into several sub-modules, each containing a particular class. Every module has the same name of the implemented class in lowercase_underscore format, whereas the class name is in PascalCase format. There are also some constants, functions, and exceptions defined in various modules that are documented in the section describing the associated class.

The following is an overview of the modules and classes provided in the scenedetect package:

  • scenedetect: Main PySceneDetect module.

    • scenedetect.frame_timecode: Contains FrameTimecode class for storing, converting, and performing arithmetic on timecodes with frame-accurate precision.

    • scenedetect.video_manager: Contains VideoManager class for loading one or more videos, providing seeking, and downscaling.

    • scenedetect.scene_manager: Contains SceneManager class for applying SceneDetector objects on a VideoManager, and optionally using a StatsManager as a cache.

    • scenedetect.stats_manager: Contains StatsManager class for caching frame metrics and loading/saving them to disk in CSV format for analysis. Also be used as a persistent cache to make several scene detection runs on the same video source significantly faster.

    • scenedetect.scene_detector: Contains SceneDetector base class for implementing scene detection algorithms.

    • scenedetect.detectors: Contains all detection algorithm implementations, which are classes that inherit from SceneDetectors.

      • scenedetect.detectors.content_detector: The ContentDetector algorithm, which detects fast changes/cuts in video content.
      • scenedetect.detectors.threshold_detector: The ThresholdDetector algorithm, which detects changes in video brightness/intensity.
    • scenedetect.video_splitter: Contains helper functions to use external tools after processing to split the video into individual scenes.


For an example of using the PySceneDetect API to perform scene detection, take a look at the example in the SceneManager reference.